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How to Clean Water Damaged Carpet

Water damage can be terribly messy, even in the smallest of situations. It can , not only leave your carpets looking bad, but it can actually lead to forms of health hazards. If wet carpet is ever left unattended for a long period of time, it can potentially lead to additional problems like mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can cause allergic reactions as well as lead to more significant problems like lung disease. If your home or business has suffered from a significant amount of damage from water, then it is absolutely vital that it be dealt within 48 hours of the carpet becoming wet.
To begin the remediation process, start by shutting off or blocking the water right at its source. After the water has been shut off, assess the damage that has been done to discern what area needs to be tended to first. Once this has been done, want to immediately begin removing as much excess water from the carpet as you can. Known as extraction, excess water is typically removed using high powered pumps or wet-dry vacuum units. After the water has been removed, it will be normal to find the carpet still wet to the touch. The next step to the remediation process is to dry the carpet. This can be done opening all windows and doors, and using fans that can help to circulate as much air as possible while also removing excess moisture. When drying the carpet, it̢۪s best to remove the carpet, being sure to let the carpet lay flat. If the carpet is not dried flat, it will be difficult reinstall as it will no longer fit properly.
Another great thing to do is to actually pull up all of the carpet in order to dry and clean the flooring that is underneath. Water that has been left under carpet is the perfect breeding ground for carpet mold. Mold remediation in carpet is very difficult and it should really only be done by a professional due to the health hazards. After everything has been said and done, be sure to have the carpet professionally cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. This will help to reduce any chance of mold growing and eliminate any odors.

How to Choose The Right Carpeting For Your

Carpeting is a very important part of a home's design, both for practical and decorative reasons. Carpeting provides protection for your flooring and it can also be luxurious, giving off a sense of warmth and comfort. A home's carpet adds a large area of color, texture, and even pattern to the home's design, working as a sort of backdrop to the other decorative aspects of a room's design, such as the color and design of the walls and the furniture arrangement. With so many elements to think about, choosing the right carpeting for your home can be a bit hard. Consider the following points next time you're on the market for new carpeting.
Carpet color
Most people end up choosing neutral colors that will neither add nor detract from the rest of the room's stylistic choices. However, brighter or more colorfully patterned carpets can work well with the design of a house also. It all depends on finding a carpet color that matches the color scheme you have in mind for the rest of the house. A good way to look for a good carpet color is to take sample wall coverings and paint colors with you when you go carpet shopping. Check to see what carpet looks good with the color scheme you've chosen. If you find some carpets that you like, take a sample swatch of them home and see how they look under the natural and artificial lighting available at your house.
Fitted or unfitted?
Fitted carpets that cover the entire floor are the most popular choices in contemporary apartments and houses. However, unfitted carpets that cover only certain sections of the room are more ideal when you want to retain a more old world feel or if you simply wish to show off parts of your tiled or wooden flooring.
It can be tempting to go for cheaper carpets to get the immediate savings. But cheap carpets can actually cost you more in the long run. They wear faster and stain more easily, which means you'll be spending more on cleaning them and might have to end up replacing them altogether much sooner than you probably hoped for. Spend as much as you can afford so that you get a high-quality carpet that will look good and last a while.
Should you pay to have it professionally fit?
The answer is probably yes. Unless you have extensive experience fitting carpet yourself, it's probably best to hire a professional. Coles Fine Flooring will fill your needs for carpeting and ceramic tile in San Diego. They will stretch the carpet properly so that it wears evenly and last longer.

Five Benefits of Installing Carpet in your Home

When it comes to improving one's home, it's essential to spend cleverly and invest in upgrades that will increase the overall value of the home in the long run. While some homeowners make minor investments throughout the year, in the form of improvements to cabinetry, kitchen appliances and other small upgrades around the house, it's much smarter to invest in one area of the home and make it the best it could possibly be.

One of the effortless and most profitable installations is setting up the home with carpeting. While some draw back at the idea of installing carpet when other people are more interested in the idea of
 beautiful San Diego floors, many homeowners are sticking with their guns and continuing to have luxury carpeting for the entire family to enjoy. Here are five benefits of installing carpet into your home.

1.    Different from wood flooring, carpeting comes in an assortment of unique colors. Depending on the personal aesthetic of the room, choose tints of carpeting in greens and browns of all shades, light purples, white, blue among many other colors.

2.    Many supporters of carpet will plainly say that carpet just feels good below their feet. Family members enjoy relaxing, sitting and playing on carpet and is comfortable to the touch. Lush and thicker designs are available for the utmost in luxury and to meet anyone's needs.

3.    Carpet is one of the only flooring materials that actually uphold temperature. Carpet will preserve heat in the cold months and will stay cooler in warmer months. Carpet also absorbs sound within a room and can even act as a sound barrier between different levels of the home.

4.    Carpeting is tremendously easy to look after and clean. There are several competent spray carpet cleaners that can get out anything ranging from pet odor to red wine. Vacuuming is another painless option for easy clean up and carpet requires little conservation. Steam cleaning is also a smart option and carpet appears to be like new after the first treatment.

5.    Some carpet designers are going green and offering environmentally efficient styles for the ultimate green abode. Ask a local carpet showroom for designs that has been recycled from old carpet and cleaned under eco-conscious business practices.